Builds Kimball Data Warehouses on Cloud or On-Premises - Fast.

Ajilius Data Warehouse Automation
Pulls data from anywhere

Comes with a choice of CData drivers that connect to a wide range of data sources and cloud services. Full list here.
Ajilius also includes a built-in data profiler, so you can get a quick view of the quality and quantity of data available.

Builds on modern DBs

Ajilius will generate SQL code for a wide range of modern databases, and even offers a 3 mouse-click migration feature to move code and data from one DB platform to another!
Ajilius generates both user and technical documentation for your new data warehouse, complete with hyperlinked data lineage diagrams. 

BI Tool Metadata Creation

Ajilius can export the metadata for Tableau, QlikView, QlikSense and Yellowfin BI, meaning you can build a report seconds after creating your data warehouse. It also generates BI Views for PowerBI and Excel.

Ajilius Data Warehouse Automation is an Australian product that has been designed from the ground up to satisfy the following requirements of any data warehouse project: -

• Automate and speed the process of designing, building and maintaining data warehouses to industry best practices

• Manage all aspects of code creation through metadata virtually eliminating the need for coding 

• Generate the meta-data for BI tools to save even more time in report development

• Create consistent, self-documenting, easy-to-maintain, auto-generated code

• Perform all functions in a web browser environment (with consideration for use on tablets and mobile phones)

• Allow migration to another database platform in three mouse clicks

• Be realistically priced to appeal to businesses large and small.

Ajilius builds data warehouses according to the Kimball methodology, and automates the process to such a degree that projects can be delivered in hours or days, instead of weeks or months as would be seen using ETL tools.

As such, ROI is always seen within the first project.

Ajilius Data Warehouse Automation can build data warehouses on any of the following database platforms:-

• SQL Server (On-Premise & IAAS)

• SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse

• PostgreSQL / EnterpriseDB

• MariaDB Column Store

• Exasol

• Azure SQL

• Azure SQL Data Warehouse

• Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse

• AWS Redshift

Get high performance, highly-scalable data warehouses, built with best practice code for each platform. Since Ajilius generates native SQL code for your target database, it is as fast and as scalable as the platform on which that database resides.

Ajilius generates the BI metadata layer as required for Tableau, QlikView, Yellowfin and BI views for PowerBI and Excel in just a few seconds. This saves time in the development of your BI solution. Notes from Ajilius’ inbuilt documentation are also exported to appear as tool-tips in your BI tool (where supported).


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